Priti comments on Britain's global future

2nd February 2018
Priti has written a comment piece for the Daily Telegraph on Britain's role in the world and how our country can secure success by looking beyond Europe and to the East.
If we want to be a a great, influential nation after Brexit, we need to look east. by PRITI PATEL
In a world of serious threats to the UK and to global stability, where we see violence and conflict pulling people back into poverty, international terrorism, migration crises, children dying from preventable diseases and global environmental concerns on the rise, Britain’s leadership on the world stage is more important than ever.
Meeting these and many other unprecedented demands of the 21st century, alongside much-needed and long-overdue important reform within the international system, presents us with challenges. Yet these challenges are vastly outmatched by the leadership opportunities for our country.
Britain’s place in the world is one uniquely suited to thriving in the complex new reality of global politics. We are a key anchor of a rules-based system in international affairs that many across the globe look to for stable and effective governance and leadership. We are a beacon...

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