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Following my article in the last edition of the Tribune about the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for Tiptree, I am grateful to residents who have contacted me to express their views about the proposals. I am in contact with Tiptree Parish Council, who are developing the Neighbourhood Plan, to make them aware of the concerns that residents have raised with me. In the responses I have so far received from Tiptree Parish Council, they have assured me that the proposals put forward and the three options they are seeking feedback on are part of the early stages of the work being done on this.

With this in mind, I would continue to encourage residents to contact me and the Parish Council directly to have your say on this and to influence changes which will be made. As a Neighbourhood Plan has to receive the support of the community it affects in a referendum, it is in everyone's interest in Tiptree that the best plan possible is put forward and one which will have the confidence of the public.

In recent years Tiptree has undergone massive changes as it has expanded in size and in many instances had this expansion and the type of development imposed by Colchester Borough Council. A Neighbourhood Plan empowers communities to take back control of the development agenda and I will work with residents and Tiptree Parish Council to do everything possible to ensure that residents' views are heard and appropriate changes are made.

I am also delighted to see that other Parish Councils in my constituency, including in Kelvedon, Feering, and Hatfield Peverel are working on Neighbourhood Plans too. With the local planning authorities in the process of revising their development and housing plans, the establishment of a strong and robust Neighbourhood Plan can protect our rural communities from unacceptable development and protect green spaces while ensuring that sensible and modest levels of new housing can be built.

Regular users of the A12 will by now be aware that works are being undertaken between 8pm and 6am to install average speed cameras between Rivenhall and Easthorpe. This work will cause disruption to those who use the road at this time for the six weeks which it is scheduled to take place. However, this measure is designed to improve safety on the road and reduce congestion and delays caused by accidents. More details of the scheme can be found at the weblink below and I am happy to pass onto the Highways Agency any comments or questions that you may have:

The Highways Agency is also taking action as a result of concerns raised by me to resurface parts of the A12. In late March, resurfacing works are due to take place between junctions 22 and 23, which will improve the A12. These measures are being introduced because the Government is investing in infrastructure in Essex and has committed to upgrading the A12. Over the next few years the work will start to upgrade the A12 between Chelmsford and Colchester into a three-lane carriageway, to increase capacity and improve safety. An upgraded A12 will also be a vital boost to our economy as it will make commuting and the passage of trade easier.

Progress is also being made with the campaign I am leading to dual the A120. The Secretary of State for Transport recently came to Colchester to endorse the work being undertaken and to advise on funding sources which could be utilised to undertake feasibility studies. Essex County Council have already committed funding to this project and I will continue to work with them and others to ensure a plan and a funding package can be delivered and the much-needed upgrades can take place.

This investment in our strategic roads network is only possible because of the Government's long term economic plan and the strong economic policies being pursued by the Conservatives in Government. No other political party has matched our commitment to invest in the A12 and pursue the dualling of the A120. People are right to be worried that this investment would be put at risk if Labour were in Government. They neglected Essex for thirteen years between 1997 and 2010, refused to support plans to improve our road network and nearly left the nation bankrupt.

If anyone has any questions or enquiries about our plans to invest in the road network in Essex, or if I can help with any other issue, feel free to email me at: [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>, write to me at: Priti Patel MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, or call my office on: 020 7219 3528.

Priti Patel

Member of Parliament for Witham

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