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I was pleased to be able to bring Health Minister Earl Howe to my constituency to visit our local ambulance and health services recently. We spent time with a brilliant paramedic crew and seeing the improvements which are being made to this vital service. More paramedics are being recruited by the East of England Ambulance Services NHS Trust and more ambulances are being put on the road to provide responses to patients in need. The Trust is also supported by the excellent work of volunteer community first responders. Our ambulance services are improving because of the excellent staff, the strong leadership the Trust now has, and the support given by this Government.
The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has also been visiting local health services at Colchester Hospital. Readers will know of the pressures that this Hospital has faced as a result of growing demand on its services. The Government is working alongside the Colchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to ensure that services improve and a high quality of care is consistently delivered backed up by investment. This winter, an additional £4.1 million has been investment in North East Essex and Colchester to support care alongside £3.7 million in Mid Essex.
Over the last five years, this Government has increased spending on the NHS by nearly £13 billion since the last General Election having prioritised health spending and protected it. Readers will recall that this investment in the NHS was opposed by the Labour Party who labelled it 'irresponsible.' Labour also objected to the reforms introduced, which have led to thousands fewer managers and bureaucrats in the NHS filling in forms and ticking boxes and more frontline doctors and nurses being employed to treat patients instead. I would rather see taxpayers' money spent delivering frontline care to patients than lining the pockets of highly paid bureau
As a result of the investment in the NHS being driven by Conservative Ministers and the focus on raising standards and quality of care, our local hospitals and are treating more patients and providing better care. Over 4,500 more patients are being seen at the Accident and Emergency Departments at Broomfields Hospital and Colchester General Hospital within 4 hours than in 2010. An additional 57,000 patients are receiving diagnostic tests and nearly 1,000 more patients a year are receiving treatment for cancer. Incidents of C. Diff and MRSA have also gone down by more than half and the Government and staff are focusing on delivering cleaner hospitals. Patients at these hospitals are also benefiting from an increase in medical staff, with 70 more doctors and 240 new nurses since 2010.
Readers will be aware that the Labour Party want to treat the NHS like a political football and Ed MIliband has said in the most disgraceful terms that he wants to 'weaponise' the NHS. As a result, between now and the General Election we will no doubt hear all sorts of spin, lies and scaremongering as Labour desperately try to frighten and mislead the public win votes. Because of our strong record on delivering new investment in the NHS, treating more patients, and improving the quality of care, Labour are resorting to scraping the bottom of the barrel and I am pleased to see that many of my constituents are seeing through the nonsense and propaganda from Labour.
It is only possible for this Government to invest in the NHS because of the strong economy being created by the Conservatives' Long Term Economic Plan. The deficit in the public finances has been halved, record numbers of jobs are being created and there is growth in the economy. Labour's alternative plans for our economy would lead to increased borrowing, more debt, and therefore, less funding being made available for our vital public services.
If any residents have any questions about the improvements being made to local NHS services or any other issue, they are welcome to contact me by post at: Priti Patel MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA; by telephone on: 020 7219 3528; or by email to: [email protected]
Priti Patel
Member of Parliament for Witham

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