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Businesses in my constituency and throughout Essex work extraordinarily hard to create jobs and growth in our economy. Since I was elected in 2010, businesses have helped reduce unemployment numbers in my constituency by around 1,000 as more people are getting into work and off of benefits. Throughout Essex, unemployment has halved since the last General Election in 2010. It is a testament to the entrepreneurial brilliance of businesses in Essex and the successful policies introduced by Conservatives in Government to support businesses with lower taxes and reduced burdens on enterprise that unemployment is falling at a record rate.
There is good news on job creation across Britain with two million new jobs created in just four year and almost 31 million people in work. In fact, Britain has created more jobs in the economy in this period than the rest of the European Union combined. Our deficit reduction strategy, regulatory reforms and tax cuts to support business are helping this country pull ahead of the rest of Europe, with Essex leading the charge.
Members of the Labour Party used to criticise our plans. They once claimed that unemployment would rise and doubted whether the nation's businesses and entrepreneurs could deliver new jobs. They sought to talk down the British economy and frighten the public to distract attention away from the record levels of debt and youth unemployment which they presided over when in Government. But Britain's businesses and firms in Essex have proven them to be wrong. Employment is at record levels, youth unemployment is falling and the economy is growing.
As well as supporting record levels of job creation, Conservatives in Government are also helping families to keep more of what they earn from work so they are better off. With the tax-free allowance rising to £10,500 since 2010, families have £800 more in their pay packet each year. If a Conservative Government is elected at the General Election next year then we will do more to help working families by raising the tax free allowance to £12,500. This will lift one million more people out of paying income tax. We will also increases the threshold that people pay the 40% tax rate to £50,000. Combined, these two measures will reward work and be a big income tax cut for 30 million people.
Because the economy is growing and action is being taken to control Government spending and reduce the deficit, we are able to increase investment into the NHS. Over £12 billion of additional funding has already been put into the NHS since the last General Election when it was only the Conservative Party that was committed to protecting the NHS budget from cuts. If re-elected next year, Conservatives will continue to spend more money each year in the NHS while cutting bureaucracy and maximising support or frontline services to address growing demands.
In a desperate attempt to win votes, in the run up to the General Election next year Labour will scrape the bottom of the barrel with pathetic, feeble and false claims about the NHS, which are untrue and insult the intelligence of the British public. The facts speak for themselves and Conservatives have a strong record on improving the NHS.
Since 2010, the NHS has been able to carry out nearly a million more operations each year and nearly three-quarters of a million more patients have been treated for cancer in this Parliament compared to the last Parliament under Labour. There are also 3,300 more nurses, 6,500 more doctors and a Cancer Drugs Fund to help save lives. The number of managers and bureaucrats has fallen while patients are being given more protection to prevent poor care and scandals like Mid Staffordshire from happening again.
Our policies to support businesses to create jobs, help families keep more of what they earn, and invest in the NHS are helping to create a more prosperous future for Britain.
If constituents have any issues they would like to raise with me or need help and advice, I can be contacted by email to: [email protected], post to: Priti Patel MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, or telephone on: 020 7219 3528.
Priti Patel
Member of Parliament for Witham

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